Composite Doors Range from Bosomworth Glass

Bosomworth Glass offer two ranges of composite doors; Rocal Endurance and Solidor. Below are the Solidor Range of composite doors. Click here to view the Rocal Endurance range further down the page.

Solidor Range.

Above: Beeston 1 Above: Beeston 1 Abstract Above: Beeston 1 Abstract Grey
Berkeley red matrix
Above: Beeston Brilliante Above: Beeston cream Above: Berkeley red matrix
Above: Beeston integral blind Above: Beeston elegance white Above: Beeston green square
Above: Beeston Jewel Above: Beeston stable light brown Above: Conway black
Above: Conway number Above: Conway 3 blue Above: Alnwick Schwarzbraun Park Lane
Above: Conway 3 red and gold Above: Conway 3 abstract Above: Conway 3 blue fused
Above: Conway empty star Above: Conway grey fused Above: Conway mid panel red
Above: Conway resin lead Above: Conway royale Above: Conway solid irish
Above:Flint bullseye Above:Flint 2 Above:Flint 3
Above:Flint 4 Above:Flint oak Above:Flint oak 2
Above:Flint oak 3 Above:Harlcech black quad grey frame Above:Harlcech black and diamond
Above:Harlcech black updated cassete Above:Harlcech black updated cassete jewel Above: Ludlow blue
Above: Ludlow brown brillainte Above: Ludlow black Above: Ludlow green
Above: Harlcech 2 brilliante Above: Ludlow white Above: Ludlow red and gold
Above: Ludlow abstract green Above: Ludlow abstract grey Above: Ludlow Prarie Cream
Above: Ludlow solid irish Above: Ludlow tripple fused black frame Above: Nottingham cream frame
Above: London Peacock-blue Caledonian rose Above: Edinburgh Peacock-blue Satin Above: Nottingham black
Above: Nottingham jewel Above: Nottingham blue Above: Nottingham grey
Above: Stafford blue Above: Conway Above: Stafford blue elegance
Above: Nottingham white royale Above: Stafford diamond lead Above: Stafford oak
Above: Stafford simplicity Above: Stafford clarity Above: Tenby elegance
Above: Tenby elegance grey 2 framed Above: Tenby elegance grey 4 framed Above: Tenby irish royale
Above: Tenby solid framed Above: Tenby solid Above: Stafford jewel

Solidor Italia Range.

Above: Ancona Blue Solid Above: Ancona Cream Solid Above: Ancona Green Solid
Above: Ancona Grey Solid Above: Ancona Red master lever Above: Ancona solid red
Above: Ancona white solid Above: Bologna Rosewood Above: Brescia White Warwic
Above: Genoa Oak, Oak Frame. Above: Messina Warwick  
Above: Milano Warwick GLass Above: Milano Warwick GLass grey Above: Milano Warwick side light
Above: Modena Grey Above; Naples Grey Master Above: Pisa Abstract Black, Black frame
Above: Roma Black Black Frame Warwick Glass Above: Siena Grey Master Above: Siena Grey Master, grey frame
Above: Sorrento Cream Above: Turin Cream Abstract Above: Venice Blue

Rocal Endurance Range.

ABOVE: Ben Nevis Green ABOVE: Ben Nevis Red ABOVE: Ben Nevis Sherwood Oak
ABOVE: Ben Nevis White ABOVE: Brecon Blue ABOVE: Brecon Green
ABOVE: Brecon Stable Door Blue ABOVE: Eiger Gavalas ABOVE: Eiger Georgian
ABOVE: Eiger Isabella ABOVE: Eiger Pacific ABOVE: Eiger Sceptre
ABOVE: Eiger Sunburst ABOVE: Elbrus Cubist ABOVE: Elbrus Flame
ABOVE: Elbrus Gavalas ABOVE: Elbrus Murano ABOVE: Elbrus Ornate
ABOVE: Elbrus Ruby Diamonds ABOVE: Elbrus Silvana ABOVE: Elbrus Starburst
ABOVE: Etna Amethyst ABOVE: Etna Atlantic Off-set French Doors ABOVE: Etna Atlantic
ABOVE: Etna Cameo ABOVE: Etna Diamonds ABOVE: Etna Flowers
ABOVE: Etna Gibson ABOVE: Etna Gracia ABOVE: Etna Katrina
ABOVE: Etna Kerner ABOVE: Etna Marianna ABOVE: Etna Mosaic
ABOVE: Etna Murano ABOVE: Etna Olympias ABOVE: Etna Olympus Ornate
ABOVE: Etna Ornate ABOVE: Etna Rhodes ABOVE: Etna Santa Cruz
ABOVE: Etna Winter Off-set French Doors ABOVE: Etna Winter ABOVE: Malvern Edwardian
ABOVE: Malvern Flame ABOVE: Malvern Ornate ABOVE: Malvern Pacific
ABOVE: Malvern Sceptre ABOVE: Malvern Square Lead ABOVE: Malvern Stable Door Edwardian
ABOVE: Malvern Stable Door Ornate. ABOVE: Malvern Stable Door Sceptre ABOVE: McKinley Blue
ABOVE: McKinley Green ABOVE: McKinley Mahogany ABOVE: McKinley Oak
ABOVE: Mont Blanc Flame ABOVE: Mont Blanc Gavalas ABOVE: Mont Blanc Murano
ABOVE: Mont Blanc Ruby Diamond ABOVE: Mont Blanc Starburst.

ABOVE: Olympus Crown

ABOVE: Olympus Georgian Black ABOVE: Olympus Georgian Red ABOVE: Olympus Imperial
ABOVE: Olympus Mosel ABOVE: Olympus Murano ABOVE: Olympus Sophia
ABOVE: Skiddaw Daisy ABOVE: Skiddaw Edwardian Number. ABOVE: Skiddaw Gavalas.
ABOVE: Skiddaw Ornate ABOVE: Skiddaw Pacific ABOVE: Skiddaw Sceptre
ABOVE: Snowdon Cameo ABOVE: Snowdon Crown ABOVE: Snowdon Georgian
ABOVE: Snowdon Gracia ABOVE: Snowdon Helena with Mathcing Side Panel ABOVE: Snowdon Herald
ABOVE: Snowdon Louisa ABOVE: Snowdon Mosaic with Matching Side Panel ABOVE: Snowdon Murano
ABOVE: Snowdon Ornate ABOVE: Snowdon Santa Barbara ABOVE: Snowdon Scheurebe
ABOVE: Snowdon Scheurebe ABOVE: Snowdon Stable Door Mosaic  
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